Help Desk Technician Alternative Careers and Similar Jobs Updated for 2023

Our online training is a convenient option for anyone juggling the demands of a family or a job. As a student in SCI’s program, you’ll learn what every help desk tech should know. You’ll graduate with the expertise and knowledge needed to launch your career. Many positions require that you report to the same office location every day.

CompTIA A+ is a widely recognized certification held by help desk technicians. Research and compare the top-rated help desk technician training programs online and in your area. With the recent advent of sophisticated online simulations, and PC hardware packages which can be mailed to remote students, help desk technician training works well in a distance learning format. It entails making the most of your time in order to provide the greatest value to your end consumers.

Help Desk Engineer Related Careers

The support provided can be adapted to the needs of each individual business. A help desk solution is the main point of contact for service requests and user issues. Anyone with basic computer knowledge, an interest in technology, and the desire to succeed will do well in a help desk professional training program. As you move along in your career, you may start taking on more responsibilities or notice that you’ve taken on a leadership role. Using our career map, a help desk engineer can determine their career goals through the career progression.

how to become a help desk engineer

Excellent verbal communication skills are also important, as well as analytical thinking skills. You’ll need to be an expert in certain software packages and have strong IT skills. A high standard of customer service is also an important part of the role. Technicians can be more of entry-level IT help desk jobs, and will generally receive lower pay and fewer benefits than an analyst. While technicians will mostly be responsible for hardware and some software repair support, analysts will often need to be able to establish and troubleshoot entire networks and servers as well.

Becoming a Help Desk Analyst

A generic help desk listing could include either of these skill levels, and some listings will require a bachelor’s degree in IT or a related field. The team at Workable provides a generic help desk technician job description, which should help you understand the general expectations and minimum requirements. Computer support specialists enjoy the variety of work they encounter each day. Many specialists feel good about being able to help computer users solve problems. Technicians know that their role is vital to the operations for the companies where they work. A help desk technician, also sometimes called a computer support specialist, a desktop support technician or a help desk analyst, is a trained IT professional.

For example, they could start out with a role such as systems administrator, progress to a title such as information technology manager and then eventually end up with the title information technology director. If you know tech and enjoy helping people, a help desk support position is for you. Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about becoming a help desk support professional below. While a formal education may help you get the job, a college degree is not necessary to become a help desk technician. IT certifications will prove that you have the skills to handle the job.

Solve for Your Customers Better

Help desk support members assist users who experience hardware or software problems, typically resolving issues online or over the phone. They may also be tasked with installing new software or implementing new computer networks when necessary. Those working in a small business setting may additionally be responsible for replacing or repairing peripheral IT equipment, such as modems and printers. Their job description primarily entails providing users with all hardware and software technical support. Many employers require help desk analysts to have one to five years of work experience. Individuals gain experience in an entry-level help desk position, and the U.S.

  • Learn to troubleshoot problems with hardware and software, including desktop applications, web sites, and mobile apps.
  • In order to excel in your help desk support career, you need to possess certain skills and qualities.
  • You’ll graduate with the expertise and knowledge needed to launch your career.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that many companies provide on-the-job training for new employees.
  • Not every day will be as smooth as the last, and having that composure to keep working even when it gets tough is invaluable in this role.
  • Computer support specialists enjoy the variety of work they encounter each day.

To achieve this common goal, you shouldn’t shy from using teamwork, and should feel empowered and comfortable enough to reach out to other members of the team when need be. To improve your performance as a help desk support professional, you need to develop certain skills and qualities. Such awareness means understanding the needs of their customers so they can get their problems solved as quickly as possible. There are some hiring managers who are not aware of the most recent tech news, and holding such an accreditation, or having once held them can still indicate proficiency. You will still see some of these certifications as a requirement or at least a preference in some job listings.

Help Desk Technician

In this article, we’ll clearly explain the basics you need to know, including what a help desk technician does, how much you might make, and the qualifications you’ll need. Business owners can use 500apps to get accurate, timely data that can help them make decisions better. 500apps aggregates the most accurate data and connects you with decision-makers and their confidants with ease. Imagine you are employed by Simco Technologies, Inc., a small software development company.

How do you become a Level 2 help desk?

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, or Associate Degree plus two years of tech support experience, or three plus years tech. support experience.
  2. A+ and Net+ Certification or equivalent required.

They provide you with the necessary support you need with all your assets and processes. They also offer excellent customer service and advice to all users in different types of companies. If you’d like more information about IT help desks for your business, get in touch today. Support technicians rely on advanced software in order to offer more efficient customer service.

Step 7: Find relevant Help Desk Support jobs, and apply.

Virtual Lab provides hands-on, real-world practice using your newly gained skills on projects defined by industry experts, adding practical experience to your resume. Labs, periodic Master Classes, and access to an Online Professional Community allow you to solidify your technical expertise. Improving your help desk to better serve your customers can aid in your business’ growth. With more SQL Server DBA job description template effective and streamlined interactions, you’ll be able to satisfy customers and potentially build long-lasting relationships from the reliability of your help desk. We hope your team can take these certification recommendations and achieve these possibilities. What’s great about this course is that participants can choose to attend an in-person training session with an ITIL expert.

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